Privacy Policy

Your Data is Kept Confidential

Uploading your personal information on the internet can be a threat to your privacy. We understand this completely and strive hard to make our website a safe space for everyone out there!

At Survey to Earn, privacy of information is kept at a very high standard. We make sure that there are no risks entailed to our members’ personal information. The information you provide to us will not be shared with any third party in the absence of your consent at any cost.

Collection of information

The information collected from users at the time of registration includes their Email Id, date of birth, gender, and post code. Plus, the log data of each visitor is saved into our record like the time computer’s IP address, time and date of visit, duration of the visit on each page and website, browser’s type and version, etc.


Cookies are the text files stores onto a user’s computer when he visits a website for the first time. These files help the website in recognizing the visitors every time they return after that. In short, we need them to monitor the activities of the participants on the website so that we can assist our research clients better.

Use of information

This personal data of our members is broadly used for the following reasons:

  • To provide a service
  • To contact you
  • To enhance our site for an improved user experience

To be more specific, your data may be used in the following ways:

  • 1. Your opinions are used for market research
  • 2. Gathering details about the panelists
  • 3. Replying to a support-based problem
  • 4. Validating a panelist’s answers
  • 5. Testing the authenticity of the panelist’s data

We may use third party apps like Google Analytics, only for the purpose of market and other statistical analysis.

Security of Information

We ensure the safety of the collected data by following proper privacy guidelines related to protection of personal information. Our servers are highly secured using the best technology and accessed by us only for market research.


The basic purpose of CINT Software is to protect the data collected. Following the strict guidelines by ESOAR, this company has become well-known for its high standards globally in the tech-industry.

In simple words, this software collects and processes the information from panelists as per the panel owners. It prevents fraudulent activities on the site and works on survey control.

For further details on CINT, check out their site:

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